Our 100% Certification


Americans have spoken and Mastermind™ is listening. All of the products that are involved in the making and manufacturing of Mastermind™ Vodka are made entirely on US soil and have been certified 100% American Made. This certification carry’s a heavy level of responsibility, pride and respect for all of us at Mastermind™. We pledge our commitment and the importance of supporting America and American made product. We invite you to join us.

Mastermind’s commitment to celebrating the American way of life through cutting-edge development begins and ends with our pledge for American loyalty in every aspect of our business. In our quest for certification we recognized the importance of supporting America and American made products. What began as a simple mission for the coveted Made in USA Certified stamp, expanded when we realized the magnitude of the meaning of the words emboldened on that stamp. Those words carry a heavy level of responsibility, pride and respect. And the effort to attain the stamp is taken very seriously and does not come easily. Achieving the certification became a lesson in history for those of us at Mastermind™ Vodka. A lesson that we feel has been taken for granted for far too many years and has now become part of who we are and what we stand for. Mastermind™ has an American story worth telling.

Made in USA Certified simply means that all of the products that are involved in the manufacturing of the bottle, the cork, and the graphics and of course, the vodka, are made on US soil. From every ounce of the water and every piece of heartland grain down to every piece of fruit and every grain of sugar, our product is grown, distilled and chosen from American farmers and American companies that are also stamped with the Made in USA Certified seal. In this day and age, finding those companies that adhere to the seal is no small task. The magnitude of research that Mastermind™ is involved in has been a painstaking labor of love for this great country.

The facts are simple. Americans want American made products. There are many, many reasons to buy American. And enjoying goods and services that are made in America is not just a matter of national pride, it is essential to the continued existence and stability of America as we know it. Mastermind is committed to doing our part every single day to make this happen. We use the most trailblazing and innovative methods of contemporary production at our disposal to manufacture something that we can call 100% American and take pride in. However, in our efforts to create a delicious and unique product, we discovered that forging ahead with steely determination meant getting back to American tried and true basics.

Mastermind™ Vodka. Made by Americans for Americans. That’s an American story truly worth telling.

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