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Our Ingredients

Artisan Crafted – Award Winning Taste

Mastermind™ Vodka begins within its character, quality and unparalleled smoothness. Our award-winning vodka is made from superlative corn grain harvested from America’s heartland. Through our dedicated artisans, Mastermind™ is distilled six times, after which it is precisely blended with water filtered through limestone and hard marble creating a meticulously smooth and luxurious vodka that embodies a bold spirit and American pride.

Mastermind™ Vodka

An American Story Worth Telling™

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What’s Your American Story?

We did not create Mastermind™ Vodka to be just another Vodka company. We created Mastermind™ Vodka because we felt the ever-growing calling to form a connection with other Americans who believe in what we believe. Who strive for allegiance to America and who understand the importance and value behind supporting American-made products. Our experience tells us that Americans choose to form loyalties with world-class companies with like-minded beliefs. We’ve got that.

Experience Our Culture

The Mastermind™ Family of Vodkas

Mastermind™ Original

Enlivened by a captivating, ripened zest flavor, this artisan blend caresses the taste buds with polished freshness and graceful hints of summertime. Mastermind™ Vodka Original is a culmination of supreme purity, fresh citrus and refined vanilla under tones. Crisp and exhilarating from the moment it tickles the taste buds to its soft and smooth farewell.


Why We Get Up In The Morning

Our focus is to celebrate the American way of life by honoring the values and principles of the individuals who give so much to America. They include Military personnel, Officers of the Law, Fire Fighters and First Responders.

We steadfastly honor the unique values and principles that each of these individuals exhibit every single day. Thus, we are committed to proudly donating a percentage of net profits to the organizations, both locally and nationally that give back to these individuals who dare to risk so much.

Mastermind™ Vodka. An American Story Worth Telling™.

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